Scrap Metal

WC 8th Sept 2014 030

We offer great prices for your scrap metal both ferrous and non-ferrous metals from the general public, scrap metal merchants, businesses and local trade.

We accept ferrous metals such as heavy steel and vehicles and non-ferrous such as lead, aluminum and copper.

We have recently had installed at our premises a 100 tonne weighbridge which is fully calibrated to give you the correct weight for your scrap metals. It has a fully weather sealed unit which is useful for customers to view their loads in real time and see the accurate weight.  A ticket will be printed and given to all customers detailing the date, time, material, vehicle details and customer.

We also have the facility to weigh smaller items of scrap metals on portable scales.

Mike Douglas Weigh Bridge

Due to Government Laws enforced on 1st October 2013 we can only pay for your vehicle or scrap metal by bank transfer, which will be in your account the same day, or we can issue you a cheque.

Identification is required by law for all vehicles & scrap metals

(the ID accepted is a UK photocard driving licence or a UK original passport plus a recent utility bill (within the last 3 months) showing your current address.)