Working with the Environment

Vortex Depolution StationWe aim, whenever possible, to reuse and recycle as much of the vehicle as we can to minimise the waste that ends up in land fill sites,

this in turn, also saves the customer money, as buying new parts can be expensive.

Recycling of parts requires less energy than the production of new parts which benefits the environment.

Here at Michael Douglas Auto Salvage & Scrap Metals Ltd we are continuously updating our equipment for de-polluting vehicles, handling scrap metals and have some of the newest and up to date available. Environmental legislation and regulations require all vehicles to be de-polluted and disposed of correctly, they must be drained of all harmful fluids and the hazardous and non-hazardous waste must be handled and stored correctly in an environmentally friendly manner.

Below is the manufacturers promotional video of the Vortex Depolution Station in action.